Guarding Secrets in a Tangled Web

First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary presented by AJC

Saturday, 5:30-6:15

Questions of what is and isn’t real resonate in two terrific new novels. In Karma Brown’s The Life Lucy Knew, the protagonist, having been in a coma, wakes up with what the doctor calls “false memories”--memories that feel incredibly real in spite of being inaccurate. Catherine McKenzie’s The Good Liar examines the lives of three women whose lives have been devastated by a tragic explosion and whose secrets have begun to rise to the surface. Both stories examine the way the stories we tell ourselves, and others, are created and connected and what lies underneath.


Karma Brown

Karma Brown is an award-winning journalist and author of the bestsellers Come Away with Me, The Choices We Make, and In This Moment. In addition to her novels, Karma’s writing has appeared in publications such as SELF, Redbook, and Chatelaine. Karma lives outside Toronto, Canada, with her husband, daughter, and their labradoodle, Fred. The Life Lucy Knew is her fourth novel.

Catherine McKenzie

Catherine McKenzie, a graduate of McGill University, practices law in Montreal, where she was born and raised. An avid skier and runner, Catherine’s novels Spin, Arranged, Forgotten, and Hidden are all international bestsellers and have been translated into numerous languages. Hidden was an Amazon #1 bestseller and a Digital Book World bestseller. Her fifth novel, Smoke, was an Amazon bestseller, a Goodreads Best Book for October 2015, and an Amazon Top 100 Book of 2015. Her sixth novel, Fractured, was a Goodreads Best Book for October and Fall 2016, a Buzzfeed Big Book of Fall 2016, and made numerous other Best Book lists including those for Real Simple, Redbook, PopSugar, and Read It Forward.


Jaime Sarrio

Jaime Sarrio McMurtrie is a veteran journalist who has been at the AJC for eight years. The bulk of her journalism career was spent covering education and local government, though she also spent several years writing about women’s health. She loves to read and binge watch Netflix. She lives in Marietta with her husband and two young daughters.