If It Ain't Love

YA Stage

Saturday, 12:30-1:15

First time YA authors Alexa Donne, Anica Mrose Rissi, Nisha Sharma, and Julian Winters look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of teen love.


Alexa Donne


Alexa Donne is a Ravenclaw who wears many hats, including teen mentor, college admissions essay advisor, fan convention organizer, YouTuber, and podcaster. When she’s not writing science fiction and fantasy for teens, Alexa works in international television marketing. A proud Boston University Terrier, she lives in Los Angeles with two fluffy ginger cats named after YA literature characters.

Anica Mrose Rissi


Anica Mrose Rissi grew up on an island off the coast of Maine, where she read a lot of books and loved a lot of pets. She now tells and collects stories, makes up songs on her violin, and eats lots of cheese with her friends in Princeton, New Jersey. Her books include the Anna, Banana chapter-book series, the picture book The Teacher's Pet, and the YA novel Always Forever Maybe.

Nisha Sharma


Nisha Sharma grew up immersed in Bollywood movies, 80s pop culture, and romance novels, so it comes as no surprise that her first novel My So-Called Bollywood Life features all three. Nisha credits her father for her multiple graduate degrees and her mother for her love of Shah Rukh Khan and Jane Austen. She lives in New Jersey with her cat, Lizzie Bennett, and her dog, Nancey Drew.

Julian Winters


Amazon bestselling author Julian Winters is a former management trainer who lives in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia and has been crafting fiction since he was a child, creating communities around his hand-drawn “paper people.” He began writing LGBTQ character-driven stories as a teen. When he isn’t writing or using his sense of humor to entertain his young nephews, Julian enjoys reading, experimental cooking in the kitchen, and watching the only sports he can keep up with: volleyball and soccer. Running with Lions is his debut novel.


Terra McVoy

Terra Elan McVoy is the former manager of Little Shop of Stories, and the author of eight novels for tweens and teens, including This Is All Your Fault, Cassie Parker; Being Friends with Boys, and the Edgar Award nominee, Criminal. She lives in the same Decatur neighborhood where many of her novels are set. Currently she works on the Development team at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and enjoys moderating panels in her free time.