Tabbatha Bella


Misha the Brave

Travel with Misha (mee-sha) through the adventure of a lifetime as she escapes an abusive home to live on the streets with other homeless animals. Be there as she is rescued and adopted, along with an orphaned pug named Butchy, by an interesting family with three other dogs: a military German Shepherd named Tank, a prissy Maltese with attitude named Gabriella, and a crazy circus poodle named Coco. Misha soon learns her new family has an unusual occupation that forces her to face the fears from her past and become a brave dog. She steps into a new life full of love, fun, danger, and adventure. Misha soon transforms into something she never imagined.

Tabbatha Bella is a native of Atlanta and third cousin of Atlanta author Margaret Mitchell. She is an award-winning author and visual artist who has exhibited her art in galleries both nationally and abroad. She first seriously considered writing in 2002 following her father’s advice and direction. She actively works to promote dyslexia and dyscalculia awareness. All her paperback titles are formatted to aid dyslexic readers. Tabbatha Bella is a member of both the Georgia and Florida Writer’s Associations, the Atlanta Writer's Club, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.