Aneneba Akufor

Born in Santa Akum, the Northeastern region of the Cameroons, where he attended primary school at the Roman Catholic Mission, Akufor Aneneba is licensed to practice as an Attorney

and Counselor at Law in the State of New York. He is an advocate of basic human rights and freedoms, and more importantly, an advocate for the individual. He advocates for justice through the prism of the law. Akufor Aneneba has seen first-hand how elusive the quest for

justice can be, especially for those on the lower rungs of the legal ladder. He believes the scales of justice should not be twisted to achieve a balance, because the whole purpose of the law, which is the bedrock of an equitable and representative society, would be defeated in the process. He is also a freelance journalist, an avid sports and music enthusiast, and the Grand Knight of the Order of the Knights of Columbus.