Robena Egemonye

Dr. Robena Egemonye sent her first short story to Redbook Magazine decades ago when she was nine years old. After experiencing many life adventures and retiring from a forty year career as an educator, she returned to writing with a vengeance. WHEN MY GRANDMA SINGS(Vinspire Publishing), her first published book, received rave reviews for its insightful depiction of Alzheimer's disease. It tells the fictionalized story of how a young girl, Della, helps her grandmother, a well-known gospel singer, deal with the "forgetting disease". Saguaro Books published her first novel, THE FENCE MENDER, a bildungsroman about a poor white teenager and his best friend who is black. FIRST WIFE: THE MEMOIR OF NIGERIAN KNIGHT traces Dr. Robena's life from her childhood to young adulthood in the segregated American South to her marriage to a Nigerian and a ten year sojourn in Nigeria, where she became the first American to earn a doctorate from an African university. STAY THE COURSE: A VETERAN TEACHER'S GUIDE FOR NEW TEACHERS is a practical manual. It is useful to anyone who wants to have a successful career in any field. All of her books are available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-million.