John Davis

John Davis lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife and three children. His interest in alternate history started as a child through reading history and asking, “what if”. An article commemorating the bicentennial of the Battle of Yorktown in Time Magazine, Yorktown: If the British Had Won by Gerald Clarke, was an early inspiration showing how “what if,” could be explored in a form a fictionalized form. This essay, written as an academic lecture delivered in the world to which the title pointed, was full of fanciful contrived details. It described the history of an alternative North America occupied by British America east of the Mississippi, a French-speaking Louisiana to the west, and a Mexico extending to its original borders. This essay sparked an interest in reading, and when possible writing, plausible alternate histories that offer insight into the real world. His favorite works of fiction include Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, and The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Mr. Davis has written two alternate history stories, The Day Rome Was Built and Prometheus Bound, contained together in one volume titled Outside Time Looking In.