Mark Ellingsen

With a Yale University Ph.D. in religious studies and rich international ecumenical experience, Mark Ellingsen is a prolific author and professor at the Interdenominational Theological Center (our nation's largest historic African-American seminary, based in Atlanta). Martin Luther's Legacy is his 21st book, and he is the author of hundreds of articles on religion and political commentary. Many of his books have grabbed media attention, as he has been the guest on numerous radio and television programs, including CNN and WAIB here in Atlanta. His work is known and used not just in the States, but also in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and Africa.



Martin Luther's Legacy: Reforming Reformation Theology for the 21st Century

October 31, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Mark Ellingsen has written a book to help us understand the man who started this Reformation, Martin Luther. America and her churches are limping along on the eve of this big anniversary. They need a reformation. Ellingsen shows that many of the ideas of the first modern Reformer can help us address today's challenges. The book demonstrates that most of the versions of Martin Luther that we have heard are accurate to some extent, but they overlook the richness of his thought and its relevance for 21st century life. Martin Luther's Legacy is a book to help you better appreciate next month's celebration as well as to provide you, our nation, and our churches with fresh insights for addressing today's challenges