Claire Hertzler

Though this is her first book, Claire Hertzler is uniquely qualified to write The High Sheriff of Greene as she grew up in the Wyatt culture of Greene County, Ga. "There goes Wyatt and Taylor," she remembers hearing as the sheriff whizzed by in a cloud of dust with his deputy. Hertzler has written the story of this legendary sheriff from over 30 oral interviews and countless newspaper accounts. She has brought Wyatt alive again to those who knew him and for those who wished they had. Hertzler has preserved a slice of Georgia history that captivates and inspires and is creating exciting chatter from over 500 readers already.

Hertzler's blog deals with current issues, observations about life, and profiles of folks inspiring others. She is a three-year member of Atlanta's Writers Club.

Her writings also include these published articles: "Travel Insurance Tips," Transitions Abroad Magazine; "Encounter With God," Church Recreation Magazine; "and "Easter at Flat Rock," Georgia Magazine, also about Greene County, Ga. She has two articles in Pens in the Piedmont, an anthology released July 2017 by East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers.

In addition to writing, Hertzler enjoys public speaking, gardening, fashions, and travel. She holds degrees from Mercer University, Southwestern Seminary, and Georgia State University. She has professional experience in public education, Christian education, volunteer services administration, and nonprofits. She was one of the first activists fighting human trafficking in Atlanta, an interest she maintains.

Hertzler loves living in Decatur, Ga. with her husband, Eugene. She relishes the mornings they have a cappuccino at one of the many coffee shops in Decatur. And she has missed only one Decatur Book Festival since its inception!



The High Sheriff of Greene

The High Sheriff of Greene is the true story of legendary sheriff, L.L. Wyatt, who was recruited to Greene County, Ga. at age 21 to break up a thriving moonshine industry during prohibition. Wyatt's battles with the bootleggers soon made him a larger than life figure and swept everyone up into the lore of L.L. Wyatt and his bravery. After making the county one of the safest in Georgia, Wyatt was elected sheriff. According to all who knew him, Wyatt was a sheriff and a gentleman, treating the most heinous criminal, black or white, with respect and kindness, while not sparing the law. No murder went unsolved during his years as sheriff. At 70 years of age, Wyatt gained national recognition and the attention of Hollywood when he put his own life at risk to stop the car of two armed bank robbers and freed their hostages. This little slice of Georgia history pictures a lawman of the Deep South, revered by "his people" for 52 years, whose life speaks to us today of courage, honesty, fairness, right dealings, and the utmost respect for the law. Wyatt's sense of a divine calling and protection over him speaks to young adults today who are seeking their calling in life.

The pages of The High Sheriff of Greene brings Wyatt back to life again to those who knew him and for those who wished they had. The book captivates and inspires and is creating exciting chatter from over 500 readers already.