Peter McDade

As drummer for the rock band Uncle Green, Peter McDade spent fifteen years traveling the highways of America in a series of Ford vans. While the band searched for fame and a safe place to eat before a gig, he began writing short stories and novels. Uncle Green went into semi-retirement after four labels, seven records and one name change; Peter went to Georgia State University and majored in History and English, eventually earning an MA in History. He teaches history to college undergrads in Atlanta, plays drums for Paul Melançon & the New Insecurities and lives in Atlanta with his family.



The Weight of Sound

The Weight of Sound, a debut novel by writer and musician Peter McDade, carries readers through 25 years in the life of Spider Webb. Spider as a teenager announces to his parents that he will skip high school graduation and move to Athens, Ga. to launch his musical career in the town that gave birth to R.E.M. and the B-52s. A chorus of narrators, including bandmates, roadies, girlfriends, record executives and fans reveal what happens behind the music of a touring musician on the rise in an industry whose business model in the 90s is on the decline.

Not only will readers follow Spider, but they will follow the trail of the music he makes over the course of the story. From the songs of The Beatles that bonded Spider to his father, to the music he made with his friends, albums produced in studio and played live, music that outlived several bands and relationships.

This is not a tell-all memoir about sex, drugs and rock ͚n͛ roll. It is a poignant look at the way that music molds and shapes who we are as people—not just the musicians and artists, but the listeners and fans who make sense of their world through the songs.