Dawud Anyabwile


Dawud Anyabwile is an Emmy Award-winning and two-time Glyph Comics award-winning illustrator and comic artist based in Atlanta. He has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including the Key to Kansas City for Outstanding Service to Children, Lifetime Achievement Award from the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention and was nominated for the Will Eisner Award - Best Artist category at the San Diego Comic Con for his work on the critically-acclaimed comic series, Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline.

Dawud was born by the name of David Sims and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. in a home where both his mother and father cultivated the arts and self determination, leading to the development of Dawud’s art skills. Dawud started as a well-known street artist and entrepreneur, flourishing into the creator of the Brotherman comic series, which is recognized as a catalyst for the contemporary Black Comic book movement. In January 2016, he released Book One of the all-new Brotherman: Revelation graphic novel series and recently illustrated the graphic novel adaptation of the New York Times bestselling novel, MONSTER by Walter Dean Myers.

Dawud has also worked in the studio for popular television shows such as The Wild Thornberrys, The Rugrats and MTV’s Daria, as well conceptualizing and storyboarding commercials and other major projects for TBS, Cartoon Network, TRU TV, CNN and more.



Brotherman: Revelation

A life interrupted by destiny! Antonio Valor's world...once commonplace and unsure...becomes clear and focused as he rises from the darkening depths of fear and doubt to the blinding illumination of understanding and strength. Brotherman: Revelation...the first installment of the inception of Big City's mysterious purveyor of hope...of justice. The long awaited origin to ignite the senses and strike the imagination. A story that reaches back through the generations to set the foundation for the future. Anyabwile, Sims, and McGee deliver the dynamic first part of a hero's saga...bursting with action, suspense, pain, and triumph. The wait is over! The revelation is revealed.