Vonna Joseph


Vonna Ivory Joseph was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. She made Atlanta, GA, her home as a teenager, where her stories are chiefly centered. Joseph proudly served in the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Grand Forks, North Dakota where she met her husband, Demetrius and started a family. Following the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Joseph was called back to active duty and served during Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. She has since lived and/or worked in 3 countries, six states and seven cities.
Her debut novel, Good Enough, explores classic barriers to love - barriers such as class, family obligations and skillfully disguised insecurities. Camisha Ann Robbins is just a regular girl, who worked hard to put herself through college, bought her family a home and most importantly establish a sense of security for her family and friends, when Lennox Robinson comes along and disrupts her very orderly life. The two protagonists, Camisha Ann Robbins and Lennox Ali Robinson are two seemingly unmatched lovers who discover who they truly are through their love for one another, with the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia as their backdrop. Ultimately, Good Enough is a love story that simply challenges the notion of love knowing no barriers. And boldly proposes, if that be the case, then why not you?
Currently, Joseph works for the Federal Aviation Administration and lives in Fayetteville, Georgia with her husband, three chilren and a host of imaginary friends and family. Between baseball games, football games, track meets and princess dress-up parties (and surviving mostly on Chinese food, wine and coffee), Joseph is working on her third novel, due out in March 2017.