Lin Oliver

Lin Oliver is a writer and producer of movies, books and television series for children and families. She has written more than 25 novels for children, and 100 episodes of television. She is co-founder and executive director of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, an international organization of 20,000 authors and illustrators of children's books.


Here's Hank! Hooray My But Left the Bench

For two years running, Hank’s school has beaten their arch rivals at the annual second grade basketball game. When his friends try out, Hank is determined to play, too. There’s just one problem: Hank is terrible at basketball. Luckily Dr. Dunk (AKA Hank’s dad) and Hank’s friends have his back. With a little help, Hank just might be what the team needs to win their first three-peat in PS 87 history!

Always Watch Out for the Flying Potato Salad! #9

Bookmarks Are People Too!