Nelson George

Nelson George is an author and filmmaker with a passion for Black American culture. He has written the music histories The Death of Rhythm & Blues and Hip Hop America, directed the documentaries Finding the Funk and A Ballerina’s Tale and is a supervising producer of The Get Down on Netflix. His novels include the first three in his D Hunter mystery series, The Accidental Hunter, The Plot Against Hip Hop and The Lost Treasures of R&B. He is a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, N.Y., and To Funk and Die in LA is his latest novel in the D Hunter series.



To Funk and Die in LA

To Funk and Die in LA, the fourth book in the D Hunter crime-fiction series, brings the ex-bodyguard to the City of Angels on a stand-alone mission when his grandfather, businessman Daniel “Big Danny” Hunter, is shot dead in a drive-by. Why would someone execute a grocery store owner? D soon finds there was more to Big Danny’s life than selling loaves of bread. The old man, it turns out, was deeply involved with Dr. Funk, a legendary musical innovator who has become a mysterious recluse.

Most of the novel takes place in the LA neighborhoods of Crenshaw, Koreatown, and Pico-Union—areas where black, Asian, and Latino cultures intersect away from the glamour of Hollywood—and echoes of the 1992 riots play a significant role in D’s investigation. In the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Walter Mosley, D Hunter rides through the mean streets of Los Angeles seeking truth and not always finding justice.

The Lost Treasures of R&B

The Plot Against Hip Hop