Jim O'Brien


Jim O'Brien is an engineer by trade who's worked on all kinds of interesting things like color printers, medical devices, digital signs and even displays for fighter jets! He comes from a long line of Storytellers. His best stories come from the nighttime tales told to his four children at bedtime. He has teamed up with the highly talented, Decatur based Illustrator Michele Phillips to bring forth his first published children's book, 'The Bubble Gum Girl'.

This bright and cheery adventure was born at the bedside of his daughter Katie and became the number one requested story night after night. After reading the story to her first grade class he was approached by a young girl who said, "I'm going to the bookstore to buy your book". Realizing that there might be something to this book writing thing, he decided to act quickly and . . . six years later it became a reality thanks to the support of friends and family.

During that time he was able to write another half dozen stories and start a few more. When he's not telling stories he's spending time with his family, dreaming up adventures and inventions and marveling at the world around him.

I hope you enjoy my story and the fantastic artwork from Michele Phillips!



The Bubble Gum Girl