Lynn Hesse

Lynn Hesse, the first place winner in the 2015 Oak Tree Press Writing Contest, Cop Tales, is launching her award-winning debut novel, Well of Rage. Hesse taught a creative writing course in 2015 for women at Lee Arrendale Prison in Alto, GA. Her fiction and short plays center on re-framing traumatic events and exploring the role that forgiveness plays in the healing process.

She is a member of the Atlanta Writers Club, The Georgia Writers Association, The International Women’s Writing Guild, Public Safety Writers Association, International Association of Women Police, Sacred Dance Guild, Dancing Flowers for Peace, Alternate Roots, Atlanta InterPlay-SoulPrint Players, and Beacon Dance.



Well of Rage

Carly Redmund, a Mobile, AL, police recruit, is about to mess up her first major crime scene. Her training officer, J.C. Grey, orders her to give up the evidence found in the bottom of the well, a high school class ring. Carly is left guarding the crime scene tape as a news van pulls in. She overhears a female reporter tell t cameraman that the bones in the well might be Terence, a missing African American kid from the ‘70s, and that heads need to roll at PD, the racist SOBs.

Why hasn’t Carly read about this case? As she remembers the initials TWW inscribed on the inside of the ring, Grey walks back and tells the rookie to keep her mouth shut, and Carly suspects Gray is hiding more than the ring.

Carly is in big trouble: she could lose her job if Grey doesn't turn the ring in, or worse, be charged with withholding evidence. What she doesn’t know is that a white supremacist group is involved—and also mayoral candidate Derrick Grey, Officer Grey’s brother. While dealing with her own personal demons, Carly must learn to survive in a hostile environment, develop friends fast in a new city, and solve a cold-case murder to bring justice to a grieving mother.

Another Kind of Hero