Megan Volpert-Boss Broad

Megan Volpert


Megan Volpert writes for PopMatters and is the author of many books on popular culture, including two Lambda Literary Award finalists. She has been teaching high school English in Atlanta for over a decade and was 2014 Teacher of the Year. She edited the American Library Association-honored anthology This assignment is so gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching, and co-edited Tom Petty & Philosophy.


Bending Genre, Unexpected Stories

The aisles of most bookstores are firmly sectioned off with no intention of mixing genres. However, life is not like that and the authors on this panel,--Matthew Terrell (The Magnolia Bayou Country Club Ladies Auxiliary Cooking and Entertaining Book) and Megan Volpert (Boss Broad) -- reflect that in their genre-bending works. By pushing the line where genres have been drawn, their works help us re-shape our notions of storytelling in unexpected ways.

Lisa Ferrell

Lisa Ferrell has worked in series and tele-film development for such companies as CBS, Lifetime Television/Hearst Entertainment, NBC, and TBS. While at motion capture studio Giant Studios/Profile, she was involved in the post production of films that include New Line Cinema’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Currently, Lisa works as a Producer/PM in emerging technology. She has served as Executive Producer for several of Atlanta’s foremost post production, motion capture and VFX facilities. After starting Lisa Ferrell Productions in 2016, Lisa worked on numerous projects or such clients as Hartsfield Jackson Airport, CARE USA, music videos, and a number of short indie films.

  • Marriott Conference Center Auditorium
  • Sat 12:30-1:15p Marriott Auditorium

Boss Broad

Boss Broad contains forty poems and dozens of essays that explore what it takes to be a middle-aged hero. The poems are English-to-English translations of Bruce Springsteen songs–popular ones where he directly addresses a female listener, which Volpert audaciously rewrites to answer the Boss back using his own rhyme and meter. In these pages Volpert wears Springsteen’s own lyrical swagger so that Rosalita becomes a drag queen, Wendy captains her own ship, and Bobby Jean finally comes out of the closet. The essays examine injections of spirituality in progressive politics, with topics including Stephen Colbert, Patti Smith, the author’s career as a punk high school English teacher, what she learned surviving hurricanes in Louisiana, and meditations on what it means to be a cool liberal. As usual, Volpert trespasses on hallowed ground, doing battle with her white lady demons in the name of rock ‘n’ roll.

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