2012 Festival FAQ

  1. Is the festival open to the public or publishing industry only?
    The festival is open to the public.
  2. Any cost to the public for them to attend?
    The festival and all of its events are free to the public.
  3. Where is parking for the festival and is there any charge?
    We are a downtown event. There’s plenty of parking, some is free and some is not. Here’s a link to a guide for public parking in our town. We recommend visitors park in the deck just west of the DeKalb County Courthouse; it is free all weekend.
  4. What is the anticipated attendance based on previous years?
    Based on previous years, we expect about 75,000 individuals to attend the Festival over the weekend.
  5. Are authors able to sign up or are they only allowed in by invitation based on some criteria?
    There are several ways to be involved in the festival.

    We have a wonderful Book Market Street Fair with 150 booths, food and drink, music and storytelling. The booths are taken by writers, journals, publishers, writers' groups, artists, and many other groups and individuals celebrating the written word.

    Also, we have an Emerging Writers Stage, targeted to the self published author but often attractive to writers from small presses.

    The booths and the Emerging Writers stage require an application and participation fees.

    We have several featured author stages. The presenters on these stages are invited by our programming committee and must be from traditional publishing houses. You may send our programming committee press information by emailing [email protected].

    Self-published authors and authors published by vanity presses should apply for the Emerging Authors Stage.
  6. What genres are included at the Festival?
    We have authors and books from all genres. No genre has ever been specifically excluded from the Decatur Book Festival.
  7. What are the deadlines to apply?
    The deadline to apply for the Emerging Writers is August 1 or when all of the space is exhausted. The deadline to purchase a booth is July 1, or when the space is exhausted. For consideration as a presenter on our featured stages, please submit your press information or proposal by May 1st.
  8. Are participating authors able to sell and sign at their booths?
    Yes! In fact we will be happy to arrange a brief reading and a signing for you if you participate as an Emerging Writer. Also, if you prefer to rent a booth, of course you may sign and sell your books there.
  9. What are the costs involved in participating in the festival including a booth, selling fees, etc?
    The costs for renting a booth or for participating at the Emerging Writers stage are explained in their respective applications, linked above.
  10. Can an author participate without attending, e.g. book title and information on a festival list?
    Yes. An author is welcome to purchase an ad in our festival program. That would be a way to participate without attending. Please contact Stephanie DiLorio at [email protected] if you’d like more information about advertising in the festival program.
  11. Whom should I contact if I have additional questions?
    For general questions not answered here, please contact Mary Flad at [email protected].